Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Off for a holiday :)

Ya long time now a huge summer vacation on the way :). Hoping to get chilled out have a lovely time with family .......missing my school summer hols so badly hope to enjoy big time now :-D.

Hope you guys are also enjoying your lovely summers...
Gonna come back soon.
Love Shreya

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Life takes its own pace

Sometimes you struggle hard for something to happen and that does not happen. And just when you stop working on it , it happens . I still have to find out its reason . Do we stress out our brain so much that it stops working? and when in rest in gets its eureka moment. Or is it the solution is right inside us like many say in our own sub conscious mind and pops up when unnoticed. Why is it so shy to come up when i need it urgently?
Damn these questions , I wish I had God in front of me. I would have wondered about soul later and these questions before.

Till then they remain mystery for me and you :).

Thursday, 29 November 2012

1. Self - development

Being good is no easy task. We humans are so motivated by self profit idelogy that you can't always be selfless without creating a feeling that you are being cheated. This defeates the whole purpose of being good or creating a good thought in mind. Me working 4 out of 10 instances produce confident good thoughts rest 4 creates a feeling of being cheated 2 i feel i am still bad. :D
Work work work. Someday i'll change myself to the T.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Marriage -- man hunt again !!

If there is one thing a girl cannot escape in her life that is marriage. Its all over place every one you meet talks about marriage , friends getting married or not married their story, relatives , even cousins :O getting closer to 25 is such a big deal never realized. Man hunt is on sooner or later you'd know when i'd know ;) . Almost everything gets discussed at home food, decoration, dress etc leave aside only the boy . Wait and watch picture abhi baki hai mere dost :P.

Oh and a few pics of my cow love these days .. last few years i have suddenly developed a fascination about cows :D i mean calfs esp :). This pics are of a calf whose one leg is smaller than other 3 and he was standing alone in rain. Took his pics when it came close to me err i was a little scared trust me :D. Clicked pics from one hand.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Techies help me

I am super confused :) i wanna buy a smart phone handset my budget lands appx to 15k and now i want a phone with video cam working during telephony not the one with skype , but most phones with androids don't support it  :( and those who do are not smartphone or either are devoid of simple things like fm and flash. Zeroed down to samsung wave 3 since i have never used android phones and im not a social hub person i think a steardy handset with less apps is going to be ok with me. Any other brands/models you can suggest ?

Wednesday, 18 January 2012