Sunday, 19 April 2009

Back hurt

Bad Day :( yeah yeah i know there's not a single day in the whole year when i dont hurt myself but damn!! i hurt myself just 1 week before exam no im fine not hurt very much but yes i did hurt my back again ...though the good news is that i did hurt it milder than the one i had hurt some 1 month back :D so my back should have recovereed for the next hit :) 

Reason?? ahh!! well nothing new its just that i did try some stunts with my dancing and wallah!!! i dint event do a warm up before i began dancing how cool !!! far too excieted to dance than remeber some basics :) i always do it so whats new with this??
ALL gibberish from past 3 days i had been studing in some good speed was trying to cover up the maximum of my course (well last sem only one good chance to improve result ) but with this hurting my back i dont feel like studing at all :P ( with someone as lazy as me i always look for excuses to not do a stuff :D ... no jokes apart!!) 

anyways have a question for all of you
 does it always happen that you begin studing and suddenly you feel very sleepy and then when you deciede ok i will study later i move off to bed and there you dont feel sleepy at all???? or does this happen to me only??? :-(
With most of my friends they all say its an engineering disease happens to anyone who enters engineering :P haha... what happens to folks in the rest of the streams ??dont they feel sleepy??
thats my query ans me .......