Sunday, 25 December 2011

I don't need to prove I am social ...

Why does someone have to ask me "you aren't there on FB everything is OK in your life ?" (stressed OK)

I don't know why not being on FB is such a big deal for everyone. Hello I am social but I don't need be on Social networking sites to prove it ?? yes i have less friends but the one's i have would run and come to me at any time. Anyways I don't think i should concentrate on convincing too many people for my action i don't understand what FB has to do with my happiness ?? i like it this way and I am happy :) :) . So well if at any point of time i feel like joining in I would if not well it is my choice :)
adios friends and Merry christmas :)
May you all have a great year ahead Happy new year in adv.... :)