Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Marriage -- man hunt again !!

If there is one thing a girl cannot escape in her life that is marriage. Its all over place every one you meet talks about marriage , friends getting married or not married their story, relatives , even cousins :O getting closer to 25 is such a big deal never realized. Man hunt is on sooner or later you'd know when i'd know ;) . Almost everything gets discussed at home food, decoration, dress etc leave aside only the boy . Wait and watch picture abhi baki hai mere dost :P.

Oh and a few pics of my cow love these days .. last few years i have suddenly developed a fascination about cows :D i mean calfs esp :). This pics are of a calf whose one leg is smaller than other 3 and he was standing alone in rain. Took his pics when it came close to me err i was a little scared trust me :D. Clicked pics from one hand.