Friday, 21 October 2011

Feverish !!

I'm feeling absolutely feverish today :(. This is what happens just before some big festive time. Just when i want to enjoy myself and jump around i start feeling all kinds of ailments in my body. Anyways I better go and rest myself. Hopefully would get well before diwali :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good and Bad Day :P

I am happy and I aint happy funny feeling ...

Good part : half happy because i just bought myself Philips salon shine hair dryer worth 1545 from (must shop shopping site) and it did a FAB i mean JUST FAB job on my washed hair today i had this flowing lovely all bollywood heroine kind of hair today ok halfday :P

The bad part : Next half I go out for some work and midway my scooter stops just like stopped :O and I "the miss muscle" pulled my scooty almost 300 mts to a garage wow that too at 12 at noon X( X( grr .. worst my hair is back to sqaure one X( needs a bad wash again X(

Sometimes you shouldn't too happy about a thing. I have noticed the moment I jump in excitment about something , something wrong falls in :P :) lol

Ok I know life is all about hits and misses :)