Sunday, 25 December 2011

I don't need to prove I am social ...

Why does someone have to ask me "you aren't there on FB everything is OK in your life ?" (stressed OK)

I don't know why not being on FB is such a big deal for everyone. Hello I am social but I don't need be on Social networking sites to prove it ?? yes i have less friends but the one's i have would run and come to me at any time. Anyways I don't think i should concentrate on convincing too many people for my action i don't understand what FB has to do with my happiness ?? i like it this way and I am happy :) :) . So well if at any point of time i feel like joining in I would if not well it is my choice :)
adios friends and Merry christmas :)
May you all have a great year ahead Happy new year in adv.... :)

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Chamber of beauty Giveaway

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Friday, 21 October 2011

Feverish !!

I'm feeling absolutely feverish today :(. This is what happens just before some big festive time. Just when i want to enjoy myself and jump around i start feeling all kinds of ailments in my body. Anyways I better go and rest myself. Hopefully would get well before diwali :)

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good and Bad Day :P

I am happy and I aint happy funny feeling ...

Good part : half happy because i just bought myself Philips salon shine hair dryer worth 1545 from (must shop shopping site) and it did a FAB i mean JUST FAB job on my washed hair today i had this flowing lovely all bollywood heroine kind of hair today ok halfday :P

The bad part : Next half I go out for some work and midway my scooter stops just like stopped :O and I "the miss muscle" pulled my scooty almost 300 mts to a garage wow that too at 12 at noon X( X( grr .. worst my hair is back to sqaure one X( needs a bad wash again X(

Sometimes you shouldn't too happy about a thing. I have noticed the moment I jump in excitment about something , something wrong falls in :P :) lol

Ok I know life is all about hits and misses :)

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Wisdom minus the tooth

Ahhh grrr !! my wisdom tooth coming out. No i want it but minus the tingling sensation , wonder my tooth is growing out of its place towards my chubby cheeks. Ya this monday I am going to go and take it out. I thought i could go without going to dentist but i guess it is now best to visit one and get this out of root.

Why are wisdom tooth such pain ? Do you think they offer any wisdom ?

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Summary as I understood

Disclaimer :

This work is completely unquoted statements said by our MP’s and as judged by me as personal opinion. This is not a reproduction of their exact words. If you wish to go and see their exact words, then you may find it as recorded statement in loksabha website. Please judge at your own discretion, I don’t take responsibility of influencing anybody.

Summary as I could understand:

Pranab Mukherjee Congress – Initiated the debate: (15- 20 mins)

  • Covered all history of Lokpal draft
  • how all parties had different stand till before this movement, how it changed over time.
  • Reiterated Supremacy of Parliament and Democracy cannot be compromised. (I sensed they had a big heart to give civil society the change to even participate which is a history for them)
  • Coming to point Requested Anna Hazare to end fast and put forward all 3 points demanded by Anna for debate.

Lalu Prasad Yadav RJD (sporadic)

  • Reiterated and repeated why Government is new history for a matter THAT IS ALREADY IS STANDING COMMT. what is the need for such a debate in 1st place.
  • Angry tone disturbed every now and then saying Parliament supremacy shouldn’t be challenged.

Pawan Bansal Parliamentary Affairs Minister Congress (2 mins)

  • Requested Skip lunch discuss whole day so a consensus could be reached and reach Anna to end his fast. (I doubt why just consensus and not voting ?? )

Sushma Swaraj BJP (25mins – 30 mins)

  • Opening with stressed on quiet debate from both sides and requested to make it a historic debate and avoid house adjournment so that decision reaches Anna earliest. (I appreciate)
  • Studied History of Lokpal why movement with Deadline was important and why 42 years got wasted for those who said Parliament cannot be time bound.
  • described about Ghotals (though necessary felt it was a l’ll too long L)
  • Explains how 193 rule was pushed on members and Govt. didn’t take a stand till 26th morning. Took long time to debate why Rahul Gandhi was given chance on 26th (though that didn’t seem very imp today)
  • PM inside lokpal exception 2 secured areas.
  • Jurisdiction – National Jurisdiction Commission independent from all.
  • CBI – reiterated its independence importance (again went a bit long) but CBI should be inside lokpal no objection.
  • MP behaviour – Should be under Parliamentary committee and not lokpal because in past Parliament Comm. has removed 11 MP forever and in capable of doing so whenever required in futute. Also explained Rule 105 by constitution.
  • Lokpal formation – Neither more Govt people nor too independent. Balance of Inside govt people and outside govt people to keep it free and fair.
  • Lokayukta – Constitution rule 252 Loksabha can make law that state given the model of Lokpal. Enabling provision should be made but not forced.
  • Public charter – Deemed corruption and inefficiency cannot be counted as same. So Fine is good but not jail as criminal cases. Bz delay in all cases cannot be due to corruption also asked for a mechanism of how to work it out.
  • Lower bureaucracy – accepted mechanism to be developed.

Sandeep Dixit Delhi Congress (20 mins)

  • Started with wanting to discuss about 3 points of Anna ji but also retaliated to Sushma ji’s complaints about CBI power abused by Govt.
  • Repeated to fastly cover all 3 points in 1st few rounds of talks so that Anna ji can break his fast. (On which Lalu ji seemed screaming from some side that it is against constitution half ihis time went in calming sporadic disturbances)
  • Came to points PM – inclusive in Lokpal with exceptions. Humbly accepts that Parties do change stand because earlier his party thought it would put security to danger but with exception no problems.
  • CBI – gave 2 options a) either all powers of CBI of anti corruption law should be inside Lokpal b) CBI as a whole.
  • Lokpal formation – Should be independent but all formulations can be discussed in Standing Commt.
  • Mp in Parliament – Parliament directly can judge not required direct Lokpal.
  • Lokayuktas – Accepts Lokayuktas model to be applied in state. But not force.
  • Public charter – Fine is good but criminal cases or jail cannot be justified . Not every delay can be termed as corruption it could be bz of other reasons also.(eg illness calamity etc) Need to develop mechanism is required.
  • Lower bureaucracy – Agreed . But Mechanism has to be developed. What institutional framework to be developed? Whose role has to be what ? Need some time to ponder over all things.
  • Judiciary Accountability Bill – Coming separately and to be independent. (Laluji again scolded by Speaker Mam for interruption)
  • NGO sector – required some rules, though not required to be in lokpal. Yet separate laws required to govern them and check their money laundering.

Revati Raman Singh – SP – Allahabad – UP – (20 mins)

  • Started initially with point that parliament cannot be time bound and all other bills must also be discussed along side.
  • Blamed Govt. for current scams.
  • No one (sensed not even Anna) could challenge the supremacy power of Parliamentarians.
  • Why whole country is making fun of Parliamentarians . Sansad and Sansadon ki Garima is highest and must be respected (??who the people)
  • Janlokpal Formation needs participation from lower caste and other backward classes.
  • MP money laundering already checked by income tax and election commission why lokpal should check again ?
  • Public charter : Accepted fine but no jail
  • Lower bureaucracy : yes should be inside
  • Lokayuktas : said nothing ?
  • Jurisdiction : same stand as BJP.

Darasingh Chauhan – Ghosli UP - BSP 15 mins

  • Repeated equal representation as already said by Mayawati.
  • Said People not only stressed by corruption but corruption in society done towards lower caste people.
  • Also agreed with Lalu’s statement that Parliament is not making history but creating New History by doing against what is Parliamentary process and agreeing to let people overrule Parliament. (sensed How can we be ruled by people ??? J few lakhs or 5 people didn’t matter to him )
  • Lokayukta – State deligation like Behan Mayawati UP state has started Free Lokayuktas (me wondering what lokayuktas would say on statues ? they are free )
  • Lower bureaucracy – already established in UP fine acceptable.
  • Public charter – said nothing specific.
  • Wanted all corporate houses, media and NGO under lokpal. (overload?)

Sharad Yadav – JD-U Madhepura – Bihar (50 mins)

  • Started with a very charging language towards Om puri and kiran bedi. And their expression from the ramlila maidan. Even said “arey tu kya sikhayegi humme politics” (Sensed how could they show us our real face J personally I think it was a very long and time consuming away from point lecture ONLY lecture nothing concrete. On other hand slapped everyone who made this movement a success even though after every few line kept saying I respect Anna ji .)
  • Slammed media for 1st making it a war against corruption then V/s Govt then V/s Parliament then v/s constitution (sensed anger on media for making it mass movement then diverted saying constitution is supreme and media shouldn’t force people to think against constitution. Can we ask who says we are against Constitution ??? We want you to follow it sir “We the people ” remember ??)
  • Slammed Congress : Reminded his political history and how struggle filled life it was to come and be a Parliamentarian and now few people could come in and be invited to make a law then slammed Congress for breaking the hierarchy of Parliament (Parliamentarians ) Supreme. (sensed we did so hard work to come here and now a few lakhs people movement topple to make a rule unlike how we want ).
  • Slammed Young MP’s : for why they were being shown every where and not older ones bz new ones had silver spoon and entered bz they had their fathers in it , but older ones are true parliamentarians who struggled to get the will of poor and down trodden.
  • Slammed Media again as dabba that kept showing only Anna bz of TRP (Not knowing TRP is bz masses want to see it ) even said how flag would be waived in night (May be unaware of law that gives normal citizen of India the right to wave National Flag given its due respect). Even added how people from nowhere without any knowledge of movement kept joining whenever they saw rallies. (I guess he did a survey of how many people were uselessly standing there J)
  • Btw didn’t even leave Sri Sri , Bhayyu ji and Baba. Said Sri Sri 108 and Bhaiya sunna tha Bhayyu bhi hota hai kya ? and ye Baba log desh chalayenge? Ye kya karte ho Congress. ( Sensed It was answer to Anna’s statement that onlt few ministers are running country, funny but congress was also laughing at this – do they bring eminent people to resolve matter only to insult them inside parliament ? )
  • (Cherry on top was this) – How can you use harsh language from ram lila maidan against Parliamenterians. This is absolute abuse. How can you make people come in such large to gather in front of their MP’s house and gherao them ??? See our patience (as if threatening tone) it is our patience that we didn’t do anything. We could have also used such language and did lots of things but we respect Anna ji (As if respecting Anna ji is a shield ? what would you have done ? shooted people for claiming their constitutional right of moving and talking to their MP , is that a breach of MP’s privacy ?? Worst speech of the day I believe lost interest in listening to anything after his speech filled with ego and sarcastic statements against people, media , team anna and who else was left…. wondering how his people in Madhepura voted him??)

Sudip Bandhopadhyay - Trinamool Congress Kolkatta – (10-15 mins)

  • Started with concern of Anna ji. Agreed with 3 point stand of Congress. (crisp and easy speaker sounded sensible)
  • Said lets not take long time bz Anna ji is waiting for our answer to break his fast.
  • Said There should be some time limit for even standing committee since all process and mechanism has to be developed by them so very necessary that unlike past 8 lokpal bills this bill doesn’t go in waste. So 90 days time max for Standing Committee.
  • Requested Anna to kep going movement as we need him for many more movements like price rise , unemployment etc. Almost got emotional.
  • Defended Manmohan as a true and honest man but said as 2nd largest all of UPA would in every capacity bring transparent and independent lokpal.

DMK- TKS Elangoran Chennai north –

  • Reiterated Sharad Yadav’s words but in short about role of media . Media diverting people but it is we who have to go and answer people of what we did for them about corruption.
  • Almost Didn’t agree on 3 points almost completely gave his reasons
  • Lokayukta : State autonomy don’t force on states bz there are many institutions to be handled.
  • Lower bureaucracy: Should not be inside lokpal as there would be so many cases for lokpal and they would get pending and then again like jurisdiction have to wait for years and work will be pending. Rather wanted higher bureaucracy to punish lower bureaucracy.
  • Public charter : Delay cannot be considered as corruption. Rather every time there is a delay on every single account inquiry should be made full and only then fine should be imposed. and not otherwise. (Anyone wondering how long each enquiry will take ?? if at point lower bureaucracy they wanted higher one to punish so that time taken is less how come you make enquiry at every delay ? want to create a jam and forget about it again ???)

CPI – M Basudeb Acharya- Bankura West Bengal

  • Gave a detailed lecture on why Govt bill made no sense.
  • wanted even corporate houses included.
  • Criticised Govt. Bill

Sorry heard only this much current went off :).

Again it is my opinion :) what i deduced from their statements no inferences to be derived.God knows if a MP reads it might even pull up a case against me lol :-) so please it is just opinion for exact words read their recorded versions on website. Ignore my grammar and spelling mistakes also. It is a hurried work of all notes I made. :)

Monday, 15 August 2011

I support ANNA

These words say enough " I support Anna ". It is on a peaceful note that all actions of this andolan should happen. I am wearing black patti today. Please keep roads clear all citizens are a part of this movement they should not be harmed or delayed for any emergency. There can be people ill moving to hospitals so please keep roads clear.

Nation is moving towards a journey of togetherness. Let us Support Anna in a peaceful way like he wants and not do anything that harms our brothers and sisters.


Thursday, 30 June 2011

Flat Top Kabuki F80

I never thought i would ever do a review on a beauty product forget about a review i never thought i am comfortable with the idea of doing make up at all :D

But some lovely people around the make blog in India not only inspired me to take care of myself but even do my tini wini bit in make up :)
This review is sure dedicated to Ana my friend and well wisher i won it randomly in her giveaway ...she asked me to do a review soon but since it had been summers i was hardly doing any make up so now after using this brush around for 15 - 20 days i can pull up my socks for my kind of review.

So here it goes :)

(Sigma sent me the brush in this lovely packaging )

(See the thickness of the brush i tried squeezing it to my capacity . )

Cost of brush: 16$

Take a close up of the brush. The pictures above are meant to show you how dense and thick this brush is. Please ignore the foundation colour , it is from my last application. :)
The first thing i did when i opened the package was to feel this brush against my skin and it was like smoooooth and absolutely soft yet firm. I had been using Vega before this powder and blush brush but obviously they were neither so smooth nor so thick. So sigma was love at 1st sight.

1st application of foundation..
I usually take very less of foundation to cover on face with hands. So i took a tiny drop of my foundation on the back of my palm and as i had seen on youtube dipped my sigma brush . GULP GULP the brush drank my foundation :P lol yep i was like what .... tiny drop gone ... ha ha ...
so i 1st swirled it on y problem areas which needed more coverage and my neck. After that for the rest of my face i took the tiny drop again and spread it on my face slightly with hands and then went ROUND round with the brush.
Now it wasnt doing gulp gulp :P because my face had done that :) it just smoothly distributed foundation on my entire face no streaks at all no patches either.

Cleansing was another issue i had with it after the 1st time because of my foolishness i made it gulp foundation now some of it sat a bit inside the brush so i cleaned it twice with my johnson shampoo to make sure its squeaky clean. :) But honestly from 2nd application when i started spreading foundation before using brush cleansing wasnt so big a problem.
But yeah it gets more attention during cleansing than Vega because its sigma dear :)

Pro: Smooth finish, no streaks , felt super smooth on skin not scratchy at all.
Cons: Gulp Gulp foundation , cleansing can be a bit of issue.

2nd application loose powder and compact ..

Well there wasn't so much of a problem because i knew 1 rule for powder application that is TAP TAP excess. I know people say sigma picks up too much of powder but it depends on how you handle it. I took little powder on the cap of my powder box and swirled brush over it TAPPED the excess and applied it went smooth as silk.
Compact i dont need to do tap tap because it doesnt pick too much from compacts untill you push it too.

Pro: Same as foundation , even distribution of powder.
Con: Can take excess powder if you dont follow Tap tap rule.

3rd application Blush..

Blush isnt its forte but nevertheless i tried blush with this. I used dream mousse blush so i keep patting it before i let my brush touch it. Just to avoid any streak lines of blush and blend it nicely. I used this brush and ofcourse it did not fail me it blended it very nicely, not just the blush got distributed evenly it amalgamated with foundation softly to give a dewy glow on face . :)

Pro: Though not angular ye does great job with blush, gives a dewy finish.
Cons: Be careful while using same brush for foundation and blush or you would end up with pink pink face :P lol

Rating: 4.6/5 ya i know - 0.2 for the cleaning effort and -0.2 for the price, i cannot cut more from a brush that gave me a perfect look :D

I am generous you see ... :)
So friends this was my experience and well here goes my FIRST review. Do let me know how you like me review.

adios friends...

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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

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cheers to Anu :)

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