Thursday, 13 August 2009


Its been for weeks i dint feel like posting anything ...
i still dont its been the same thing over n over again..

anyways i'm not into any job right now just doing my Oracle certification course and thats almost >15 days done,
so just going around and coming back home...
somehow im just collecting the time i have at home now i dont really know when would i get back all the time i spend with my family so every sec that passes by is losing every sec, anyways i'm just spirited with the feeling that life has much more to offer and that change is something that even my parents want for me :D.... May be they wanna kick me out of home :P

Just a tinge of my hometown n my family... i feel good here have never gone out may be im scared partly or may be its just plain attachment i dont know what ... whatever it is there's something feeling that we all retrive from our loved ones, known faces or just known places...
some soothing feeling
may be most of us and ya even if i move out i too would feel comfortable with those changes later and then have those same soothing feeling from them..
whatever i must have bored you off to your limits...

just buzzed off to say that im alive and i will post whenever i feel like :)
thanks for bearing me

c ya later