Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mission VOTING accomplished

Casted my Vote successfuly though there was lot of trouble putting it.. i dint lose my heart i finally did cast my vote :)
wah!! what problem what not ??? election officer seemed to be a fool where from do they pick up these officers huh!!.....Anyways i better tell you what happened today else you would kill me for suspense :)

Nothing simply that i entered the booth had my icard of college (NIT sealed n attested and with my photo ) as my identification proof and the list of the official had my photo too....says the list of proofs required for identification doesnt include student i card , i saw the list it said it verifies any member joined with any organization where a valid organisation issues a valid icard when i pointed this out he said madam its for employees 
i replied back saying isnt college a valid organisation that can validate my identity????????? that too when photo matches with your list?
? Infact i told him this was the ICard that i had used during my state elections then Nobody objected why sudden objection now ???

Anyways India me kuch bhi bina hue and cry ke nahi ho sakta it was when i yelled out ki agar proof accept  nahi kiya then vote nahi dalungi :P then representatives of political parties came running(may be realising they would get one less vote ) finally they explained the officer that everything is valid :P 

so anyways :) I casted my Vote :) every election is an experience ....and i would vote no matter what ever trouble comes ........

Happy VOTING.......
Jisko bhi Vote do but Please DO CAST YOUR VOTES 

adios :)

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Examzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

what on earth are exams for i dont like them ....ya i know its probably the last semester exam i'm putting up with :D thats one happy things and finally the torture of giving one exam after another would end but yet i dont just like them at all :P.........I know it eats up the time i use for my creative writing no poems no research over anything no blog write ups for my so in short i just dont have time that is exactly what happens when you study for the exam just a week ahead of it ... i know its nothing so good and most people think girls dont do one night study but ask me im helpless when you dont have notes on what to study till a week before  what can you expect of me???

Anyways it my new year today "PoilaBoishakh" bangla "SHUBHO NAVO BORSHO" so happy new year :D and starting my new year wishing my examz end soon :P and end with its output as pass :P what else do we need :D probability is high after all when you pass 7 semesters successfully you do get some hope and +veness of passing one more :D
Wish me luck all.....preparing for another battel :)

adios :)