Monday, 12 April 2010

13-Apr-10 Belief power

Do you believe In THR POWER OF BELIEF? So what happens when you really wish for something dearly?? Never works for me …no no its not that I doubted it so it didn’t work but its just that NOW IM DOUBTING it now …kabhi to jaia jaisa jo dekha hai waisa ho never happens fed up with this theory . Anyone will tell me what is wrong when I use the power of belief?? 
Does it really work or it does not? hmm....


Wednesday, 7 April 2010


ya 76 jawans not an easy thing to digest...
Most new states formed are getting more and more vulnerable to such things , some 10 years back it wasn't so powerful i felt so safe in my state no more today.
This makes me wonder how many more divisions do we need and justify equality .. would more divisions make us more safer or make it more riskier.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

24-3-2010 " Unmoved "

I am confused why am i continuously breeding feelings like some brahmachary ?? ahh sounds odd but yeah I'm not feeling like attracted to anything not to any new dress nor to any gadgets neither to surfing nor am i moved if anyone scolds me i am comnstantly feeling stable unmoved by anything ??

Sometimes reading spiritual things does take you head over heels what is wrong with me ? May be its just a phase shall pass away but the good or positive thing in this is that " I am happy no matter what all is happening or to say not happening around me ..undisturbed and peaceful :) "

some +ve's some -ve's :) lets face it :)

adios ...

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

25-2-2010 "WOooooooooopieee"

Why is it so hard to convince mother's?? i dont know ... finally i got her ready to get her a saree from my SALARY :) yipee ...
Though it took a really long time ... I still remember when i was young (not earning doesn't mean i have grown old) she told me a tonnes of times how she would be happy when i would start earning and proudly said she would buy herself best of saree's but now it went other way round ..
She want me to save , deposit , buy things for myself why ???
all because "you are young...I'm old now what to buy and enjoy :)"
Wow what is this kinda logic ?? i dont get this ever .. i know she loves me a lot but she has right over me na then why shy away ??
"No no life has just started for you so you enjoy go and party with friends".... arey i would a tonnes of time more happier if you buy something rather than me buying something ... and party can wait friends will wait if they can't they better go to some other party ..1st is you mom but she won't understand finally she did after a long time :) and agreed to buy one saree ...
Now just wait and watch how i Coax her into buying something more ... :P lolz
you know what when you actually get salary na then you understand ki " haan yaar mehangayi kitni badh gayi hai " ..price rise :) ..
you want to buy so many things for so many people but you can't money falls short..
Thankfully i gave dad his share of gifts :) a cell and a coat pant :) he still looks so good with his white hair :)
Now next mom on list ... then my sweet niece wish to buy her a pair of Gold earings should be within my budget ..after all it would her 1st earings :) many things ... you know what If i ever had to seriously write a WISH List it would ending up asking so many things for my family :P lolz wonder what i would ask for myself :D i end up always feeling like "Sab to hai na .." lolz

anyways this would keep going on ...i end up her etoday just happy one target at a time is getting achieved :)
adios ...tkcr c ya next time

Thursday, 18 February 2010

18-Feb-2010 "Marriage blues"

Here we go one's you are done your education esp for girls your parents think its the right time to hunt for groom and why ask them i dont know they have all sorts of emotional explanations they are getting old..we are just looking aren't asking you to marry now ... what's the harm looking ... what if we don't get good grooms later..
Oh haalloo as if there's some discount going on "The lower your age is the better you get discount on the GROOM"...lolzz

And how gr8 a day would be when a so called GOOD PROSPECTIVE calls from front saying we liked your daughter can we talk about the marriage :) ahh so sweet ..plz ask me ....
im not ready :)

good my mom isnt very hyper about it its other way round so she saves me always :D sweetheart even though she won't let me wear saree its ok atleast saving me from one thing compromises for another ;)

anyways AALL Iz WELLL hehe im not marring in a jiffy atleast not until the cupid strikes me :) and makes me bent to marry honey in hurry :) (good rhyme :P ) Good that bongs don't marry at young age else an added pressure hota from relatives :)

So there goes my marriage blues :) the struggle will be on ...

Adios till the next post ..
tkcr :)

Thursday, 11 February 2010

11-Feb-2010 "Saree Saga"

Well on this goes know what i love wearing sarees even though i must confess I'm definitely not a person who wears saree perfectly , still a novice in this area. For the same my mom hates seeing me in saree , she definitely feels i never look "SMART" in it rather i look ganwaar :P (I'm still too stubborn to continue and believe in my choices)though i completely disagree even if i drape it in some wrong way i find myself looking pretty if not smart. Because i somehow love it :)

I'm right now wearing saree a yellow cotton saree with red border but again i did something wrong while draping it so ahh i cant explain what went wrong but something did so i landed up listening again "If you cant handle it dont wear it." Naah im not listening :D trial and error someday i will make it a good wear on myself :)
arey i dont have practice baba !! ho jayega then pehan sakungi aache se.

So hoping that there will be some time in future where i would dictate saree's (esp the cotton one's they are the biggest troubles) and would ahem hmm ... look smart and pretty :P in them. Both ways why give up one when i can have both :D

This article dedicated to the prettiest ever Indian Dress :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

10-Feb-2010 "Lame me ........"

ahh !! i just had this accident on 19jan I'm still not way out of this ridiculous :(

I cant wear shoes(only slippers :( ) can't even go out anywhere !!!!!!!!

I know I'm a lazy chap who likes to stay at home and be merry but not like this wearing a plastic on your leg everytime you go washroom ... yuk!!
uska to kuch nahi hua who hit me ..its me who has to go through this ridiculous thing from so many days

anyways its better now ... hoping to hop out soon...
missing my dancing now

Thursday, 28 January 2010


Finally my 1st article got published Save Me - Earth :) on Central Chronicle 23 jan :) wooopie :) b'day month is always lucky ..oops BTW 11 jan was my b'day :P

sorry writing after a long long time here but dint have anything new to put up ...totally engrossed at some work ..daily update hasnt been daily update really would catch up soon..

catch u later..tkcr