Wednesday, 24 February 2010

25-2-2010 "WOooooooooopieee"

Why is it so hard to convince mother's?? i dont know ... finally i got her ready to get her a saree from my SALARY :) yipee ...
Though it took a really long time ... I still remember when i was young (not earning doesn't mean i have grown old) she told me a tonnes of times how she would be happy when i would start earning and proudly said she would buy herself best of saree's but now it went other way round ..
She want me to save , deposit , buy things for myself why ???
all because "you are young...I'm old now what to buy and enjoy :)"
Wow what is this kinda logic ?? i dont get this ever .. i know she loves me a lot but she has right over me na then why shy away ??
"No no life has just started for you so you enjoy go and party with friends".... arey i would a tonnes of time more happier if you buy something rather than me buying something ... and party can wait friends will wait if they can't they better go to some other party ..1st is you mom but she won't understand finally she did after a long time :) and agreed to buy one saree ...
Now just wait and watch how i Coax her into buying something more ... :P lolz
you know what when you actually get salary na then you understand ki " haan yaar mehangayi kitni badh gayi hai " ..price rise :) ..
you want to buy so many things for so many people but you can't money falls short..
Thankfully i gave dad his share of gifts :) a cell and a coat pant :) he still looks so good with his white hair :)
Now next mom on list ... then my sweet niece wish to buy her a pair of Gold earings should be within my budget ..after all it would her 1st earings :) many things ... you know what If i ever had to seriously write a WISH List it would ending up asking so many things for my family :P lolz wonder what i would ask for myself :D i end up always feeling like "Sab to hai na .." lolz

anyways this would keep going on ...i end up her etoday just happy one target at a time is getting achieved :)
adios ...tkcr c ya next time

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