Tuesday, 23 March 2010

24-3-2010 " Unmoved "

I am confused why am i continuously breeding feelings like some brahmachary ?? ahh sounds odd but yeah I'm not feeling like attracted to anything not to any new dress nor to any gadgets neither to surfing nor am i moved if anyone scolds me i am comnstantly feeling stable unmoved by anything ??

Sometimes reading spiritual things does take you head over heels what is wrong with me ? May be its just a phase shall pass away but the good or positive thing in this is that " I am happy no matter what all is happening or to say not happening around me ..undisturbed and peaceful :) "

some +ve's some -ve's :) lets face it :)

adios ...


Navi said...

:) It's the feeling everyone expericences girl ...nothing odd bout it... Sometimes it happens that we tend to think much bout things that are in our "other" mind usually... nothing wrong bout it...
I call it deja-vu
on a lighter note...why don't you try watching zoozoo ads :D and make ur head a bit lighter :D

Shreya said...

ha ha naah my mind is just too light right now , the funny thing is that im actually not thinking about anything at all :)

and that's what is making me restless kinda I'm suddenly feeling very very calm and happy all the time without any particular reason..

btw i would try watch more of zoozoo ad's who knows i might get back to what other say "NORMAL"

thanks for your comment..