Thursday, 18 February 2010

18-Feb-2010 "Marriage blues"

Here we go one's you are done your education esp for girls your parents think its the right time to hunt for groom and why ask them i dont know they have all sorts of emotional explanations they are getting old..we are just looking aren't asking you to marry now ... what's the harm looking ... what if we don't get good grooms later..
Oh haalloo as if there's some discount going on "The lower your age is the better you get discount on the GROOM"...lolzz

And how gr8 a day would be when a so called GOOD PROSPECTIVE calls from front saying we liked your daughter can we talk about the marriage :) ahh so sweet ..plz ask me ....
im not ready :)

good my mom isnt very hyper about it its other way round so she saves me always :D sweetheart even though she won't let me wear saree its ok atleast saving me from one thing compromises for another ;)

anyways AALL Iz WELLL hehe im not marring in a jiffy atleast not until the cupid strikes me :) and makes me bent to marry honey in hurry :) (good rhyme :P ) Good that bongs don't marry at young age else an added pressure hota from relatives :)

So there goes my marriage blues :) the struggle will be on ...

Adios till the next post ..
tkcr :)