Thursday, 11 February 2010

11-Feb-2010 "Saree Saga"

Well on this goes know what i love wearing sarees even though i must confess I'm definitely not a person who wears saree perfectly , still a novice in this area. For the same my mom hates seeing me in saree , she definitely feels i never look "SMART" in it rather i look ganwaar :P (I'm still too stubborn to continue and believe in my choices)though i completely disagree even if i drape it in some wrong way i find myself looking pretty if not smart. Because i somehow love it :)

I'm right now wearing saree a yellow cotton saree with red border but again i did something wrong while draping it so ahh i cant explain what went wrong but something did so i landed up listening again "If you cant handle it dont wear it." Naah im not listening :D trial and error someday i will make it a good wear on myself :)
arey i dont have practice baba !! ho jayega then pehan sakungi aache se.

So hoping that there will be some time in future where i would dictate saree's (esp the cotton one's they are the biggest troubles) and would ahem hmm ... look smart and pretty :P in them. Both ways why give up one when i can have both :D

This article dedicated to the prettiest ever Indian Dress :)

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

10-Feb-2010 "Lame me ........"

ahh !! i just had this accident on 19jan I'm still not way out of this ridiculous :(

I cant wear shoes(only slippers :( ) can't even go out anywhere !!!!!!!!

I know I'm a lazy chap who likes to stay at home and be merry but not like this wearing a plastic on your leg everytime you go washroom ... yuk!!
uska to kuch nahi hua who hit me ..its me who has to go through this ridiculous thing from so many days

anyways its better now ... hoping to hop out soon...
missing my dancing now