Thursday, 30 June 2011

Flat Top Kabuki F80

I never thought i would ever do a review on a beauty product forget about a review i never thought i am comfortable with the idea of doing make up at all :D

But some lovely people around the make blog in India not only inspired me to take care of myself but even do my tini wini bit in make up :)
This review is sure dedicated to Ana my friend and well wisher i won it randomly in her giveaway ...she asked me to do a review soon but since it had been summers i was hardly doing any make up so now after using this brush around for 15 - 20 days i can pull up my socks for my kind of review.

So here it goes :)

(Sigma sent me the brush in this lovely packaging )

(See the thickness of the brush i tried squeezing it to my capacity . )

Cost of brush: 16$

Take a close up of the brush. The pictures above are meant to show you how dense and thick this brush is. Please ignore the foundation colour , it is from my last application. :)
The first thing i did when i opened the package was to feel this brush against my skin and it was like smoooooth and absolutely soft yet firm. I had been using Vega before this powder and blush brush but obviously they were neither so smooth nor so thick. So sigma was love at 1st sight.

1st application of foundation..
I usually take very less of foundation to cover on face with hands. So i took a tiny drop of my foundation on the back of my palm and as i had seen on youtube dipped my sigma brush . GULP GULP the brush drank my foundation :P lol yep i was like what .... tiny drop gone ... ha ha ...
so i 1st swirled it on y problem areas which needed more coverage and my neck. After that for the rest of my face i took the tiny drop again and spread it on my face slightly with hands and then went ROUND round with the brush.
Now it wasnt doing gulp gulp :P because my face had done that :) it just smoothly distributed foundation on my entire face no streaks at all no patches either.

Cleansing was another issue i had with it after the 1st time because of my foolishness i made it gulp foundation now some of it sat a bit inside the brush so i cleaned it twice with my johnson shampoo to make sure its squeaky clean. :) But honestly from 2nd application when i started spreading foundation before using brush cleansing wasnt so big a problem.
But yeah it gets more attention during cleansing than Vega because its sigma dear :)

Pro: Smooth finish, no streaks , felt super smooth on skin not scratchy at all.
Cons: Gulp Gulp foundation , cleansing can be a bit of issue.

2nd application loose powder and compact ..

Well there wasn't so much of a problem because i knew 1 rule for powder application that is TAP TAP excess. I know people say sigma picks up too much of powder but it depends on how you handle it. I took little powder on the cap of my powder box and swirled brush over it TAPPED the excess and applied it went smooth as silk.
Compact i dont need to do tap tap because it doesnt pick too much from compacts untill you push it too.

Pro: Same as foundation , even distribution of powder.
Con: Can take excess powder if you dont follow Tap tap rule.

3rd application Blush..

Blush isnt its forte but nevertheless i tried blush with this. I used dream mousse blush so i keep patting it before i let my brush touch it. Just to avoid any streak lines of blush and blend it nicely. I used this brush and ofcourse it did not fail me it blended it very nicely, not just the blush got distributed evenly it amalgamated with foundation softly to give a dewy glow on face . :)

Pro: Though not angular ye does great job with blush, gives a dewy finish.
Cons: Be careful while using same brush for foundation and blush or you would end up with pink pink face :P lol

Rating: 4.6/5 ya i know - 0.2 for the cleaning effort and -0.2 for the price, i cannot cut more from a brush that gave me a perfect look :D

I am generous you see ... :)
So friends this was my experience and well here goes my FIRST review. Do let me know how you like me review.

adios friends...


PeachesandBlush said...

I have this and i absolutely lvoe of the best blushes ever!

Shreya said...

it is worth loving :D

Tanveer Parmar said...

I'm yet to try a sigma brush :P... Lovely review, I liked the Gulp, Gulp Part a lot :)

anamikasureka said...

thanks Shreya for the detailed review ..loved reading it :)

Shreya said...

@tanveer .. Thanks dear i really meant the gulp gulp part :P it drinks foundation lol :) try sigma im to in LUUUBB with it :P

@Anamika .. hey it is for you dear im so happy you liked it. I guess thoda extra detail ho gaya :)