Thursday, 20 October 2011

Good and Bad Day :P

I am happy and I aint happy funny feeling ...

Good part : half happy because i just bought myself Philips salon shine hair dryer worth 1545 from (must shop shopping site) and it did a FAB i mean JUST FAB job on my washed hair today i had this flowing lovely all bollywood heroine kind of hair today ok halfday :P

The bad part : Next half I go out for some work and midway my scooter stops just like stopped :O and I "the miss muscle" pulled my scooty almost 300 mts to a garage wow that too at 12 at noon X( X( grr .. worst my hair is back to sqaure one X( needs a bad wash again X(

Sometimes you shouldn't too happy about a thing. I have noticed the moment I jump in excitment about something , something wrong falls in :P :) lol

Ok I know life is all about hits and misses :)


Namita said...

Hey hun.,..just subbed in to your blog,,
cute blog dear,,

count your blessings hun,,
life is all about being grateful for everything we have and to attract everything we want by being humble and having a pure heart.

God bless you :)

Shreya said...

So true namita :) pure heart and good intentions always pull good things :)
Thanks for your lovely comment

Emm said...

Happens to everyone, I guess! You become happy and it gets jinxed!

Shreya said...

Exactly Emm :P it is so funny but it exactly happens that way :D.