Saturday, 15 November 2008

Forget what you want to ....HELP youself

ScienceDaily (2005-03-24) -- Researchers exploring the brain structures involved in recalling an emotional memory a year later have found evidence for a self-reinforcing "memory loop" -- in which the brain's emotional center triggers the memory center, which in turn further enhances activity in the emotional center.

which proves one of the facts that if you really want to forget something you need to reinforce it with some better memories happens to simply overlap the part you wanna forget ...and a better option is dont force yourself to forget something ..
let things come n go try not to react to the scene you wanna eliminate.
I understand its tough to forget the trauma or pain your have gone through because of the fear or anxiety of being rewinded back into it ..or fear of gng through it agn ..
But the more you stress to forget something the more your norardrenile glands react emotionally to those thoughts dont run away keep facing it widout reactions ..
It will definitely so happen that at the initial stage you would need assistance to control the emotional activeness related to the incident but eventually wen you try being nonchalant to those scenes they will make you feel lighter.
People might say time has healed it all but the truth is your brain does it all ...
for eg if u ever had accident so fierce that you cant remove it scenes from your mind ...
try this
1st - dont force yourself to form an opinion about cars n people driving roads etc related to accidents bz if you do so you would end up consciously reminding yourself about things related to the scene of accident.

2nd - Dont RUN AWAY fear takes over if you run away ..not riding car or vehicle in which you had accident is not the solution brain keeps noting down your reactions to things and aggravates your dislike to a particular thing and that gets worst if you really wanna forget something.

3rd - When you rem the scenes from your accident tell your self constantly to CALM DOWN and let the scenes flow the 1st few stages you will definitely feel disturbed and haunted but after sometime you will realise that scenes have automatically stopped flowing :)
if you consiously break the pattern of flow of these memories then they will end up haunting you over n over again...
This is called ACCEPTANCE ...accept the bad phase it will help you forget bad feelings and memories...

4rth- this one is most imp... make sure you learn something from what has happened to you in the accident...
this time when you drive take all the precautions and then ride your vehicle ..
to this do something that enhances your pleasan experiences related to the vehicle lk take your kids or wife wid you so that you come back home remembering the pleasant time you had with your family that the accident. Pleasant feelings always overried bad memories and strains.

i hope my tips were helpful..

adios c u next time

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