Thursday, 5 February 2009

How much Unedited??

I have a question i kw i hardly have people to respond me on this but i prefer to ask this :) here ...
how much to get unedited on blogs??
should i come up with my Unedited version on different topics and on my personal life then may b there's much show left :P lots to cover up and lots to opinionise about :) ...
anywz may b thats bz u often meet so many different people in life and so strange they are all makes you feel whats on their mind ?? either they feel the world's fool or they themselves are a BIG fool :D . Nevertheless people have their own versions like softwares do and truly they do changed and get upgraded within few years but to mark the difference they dont always get better when they grow up :P For human beings the latest version could even be worse than what existed before..

anyways my idea was to know should i get candid about people like these on my blog Donno why but i have strong urge to write about them :P i know once i do they may not talk with me ever but then :P whats wrong every1 has opinions so can i have right !!! :D


Saucy said...

Its better to have it true than to cover up. Just stay silent on issues you think might stir people. Otherwise it doesn't harms anyone. And btw once the blog are archived there's hardly anyone to read.

Shreya said...

hmm k need to b careful but yap i wud write something for sure :P funny n nice :) soon ..

thx for visiting n posting comment :)

tkcr adios