Thursday, 1 October 2009


yippee first day at office :)

well i just joined something out of my stream and something non techie :D
i joined a newspaper as Feature writer and this one is just about to get launched in a months or two time with everything new lk style writing news presentations etc etc.. so i also joined them i went for a casual interview and got handpicked :) cool right!!
ya I'm excited lets see how the time goes .... till now it was good and nice working day kal se real kaam chalu ... hope i can keep up with my writing into different sections of paper ...
wish me luck
adios :)


Aanya said...

writing for the newspaper?? ...Wow thts really cool... and very impressive..!! All the best girl.... ur job lookss really interesting

Shreya said...
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Shreya said...

way interesting Aanya im waiting for my 1st salary ...then it really would look colourfull to me too :D

A Neophyte said...

Congrats... This is a grt job.. And looks very interesting too.. Do tell us more in the future..

Shreya said...

@ Neophyte

Thanks ... would keep blog newspaper launched itself anew from 19jan'2010 on 23rd my 1st article was published..
Save Me - Earth

nothing bragging but feels good to see your own articles on some paper like OK i actually have some brains to write ..Lolz

Anyways wish me luck for more articles in the future :)