Friday, 19 December 2008

Smart ways to make Women fall for you !!

Under Promise & Over Deliver:
This is a very famous marketing rule which works equally well with women. Women set quite high standards for themselves and consider every one else beneath them(sorry but i feel its true). To get above her, you need to exceed her expectations. May be thats why when men try to show and do big things for her like: getting her expensive gifts or dinner at some expensive resturant so that it impresses them.
But for a change of fact its not always true. Things like simple cards, being on time for a date or movie, getting her flowers every time you show up, passionate and steamy calls,even taking her
out on long drives would bring you up in the priority list etc. Its simple dont promise her you would so many things for her or such big things for her just take her by surprise. Just do simple but innovative things true love appreciate creativity than so called BIG things.

Praising & Noticing Her:
Most women would like to receive the most attention from their partner. Tell her how much you appreciate her feelings her looks her values etc. Tell people about how amazing and
beautiful you find her esp when she isnt so confident about herself.This will make her feel that you value her even when she isnt at her best.
On a regular basis too, you should keep on telling her that how different she is from others, what is the reason that you fall for her. Women like to hear what their partner thinks of them. They like to be noticed.Thats a hidden fact they would say they dont like attention but see them blush when you praise her!!! Thus simple acts of noticing her can make you two get closer to one another.

SHOW what YOU feel for her:
Showing a woman what you feel for her can get her spinning in your arms. If you wear your heart on sleeves be honest, it can almost be guaranteed that she would do the same. Sharing intimate feelings always helps. Showing your gal, how badly you want her will inspire her more and will open her up in front of you.Tell her that how desperate you have been to meet her.Tell her how important she is dont lie for this please "Women can truly catch true praises and lies" .If you honestly mean it then this can make you win more than half of the battle.

Take her in your life:
This does not mean that you cannot do the guy’s stuff. You simply need to involve her in the acts that you do, in the decisions that you take. Making her feel honored and a part of your life can get her right in there. Some little acts like asking her to participate in certain decisions you
take, discussing some important facts of your life, introducing her as your girl admist your friends or holding her hand in front of them etc.

Get some originality and some humor:
Women hate when men copy. However, if you come up with something original and special for her, I am sure she would get crazy for you. Set up some innovative ideas for her birthday, your date or any evening outing and see the magic happening. Be creative dont be mechanical thinking of gifting her so and so would impress her not so happening idea dear rather she
count you up in the same plate as other guys have been so if wanna go up the priority list be creative think "Hatke".Cracking little funny jokes is essential thats not only to lighten the atmosphere around you but also because girls hate nerds!! they hate people who only talk about themselves or only about work or sorta only about any one particular thing so if you cant talk about variety of things try some jokes ;) easy.
Making your girl laugh is stupendous, But yap be careful DONT CRACK JOKES ON YOUR GIRL just put some crazy jokes she will find you lovely.

Listening out her and reassuring her:
Just be listening her side of the story, you can become the most sought after man. Put your eyes and ears to what she has to say, respond positively (no blame game please) and IF REQUIRED advise her. I put it in caps bz many men will advise unnecessarily even when not asked here it depends on the kind of problem your girl has and the kind of girl she is if she is facing some very serious problem and she cant find a way outta it you will find that on her face she is afraid advise her then n help her, if the problems are petty something like you feel she
can handle like some regular office stuff etc give her strength n tell her im sure you can handle this. WOMEN LIKE MEN WHO MAKE THEM FEEL CONFIDENT.So Removing all her fears and insecurity and this would get a boomerang effect.

I am sure there are many more ideas and after this it will all depend if your girl is different but i believe these are some basic things that would work for every girl but again "Please be honest about everything" if you keep trying all this and you arent being honest may be then you are not honest either to yourself or to your girl.
try this and lemme kw


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i totally agree with u..
it's a nice one!!

Shreya said...

thank you :)