Saturday, 11 April 2009

Cooking Cooking !!!!!!!!!!

Its not such an easy job to learn anything and cooking esp which is the forte of all skills i mean you have the same reciepe being cooked by 5 different people and it will at the same time with same ingredients and same environment taste different and out of that 5 you can easily chose the best and the worst so mainly cooking isnt exactly about the food and spices and ingredients involved rather its an art .....AN ART HARD TO CONQUER :P

the usual format i use to learn anything around me is to observe the thing i want to learn , i hate teacher telling me do this n this this way just tell me if what i ended up with was the right or wrong output ...sorta a reinforcement learning in neural netwks ......
anyways thats something that helped me more into cooking :D an i'm happy i ended up doing the things right way :) No i'm definitely not a professional cook not can i boast about feeding more than 5 people at a time but yaah even feeding 5 people is a big deal u see :D ..lately my cooking experiences have been very pleasant and i'm just very happy that i can now cook without mom around me telling do this after that :P so every step for this toddler in cooking is an achievment :) ........Hoping to cook few more dishes that shall be fingre licking good !!!!!!!  and make this my forte too :D 

till then happy eating :)

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