Wednesday, 13 May 2009

13 may 09

Yipee oopiee wopiee :P

exams end finally i too am an engineer :P hehe!!

ahh so much a relief exams end and so did my tension of working on another paper :D

ya but some more work to do :(
clean cupboards arrange books sell older books etc etc :P
everything that i avoided saying its my exam time :P hehe but now i hav to do them :P

anyways all's well that ends well :)
so i am happy very very happy :)

but yaa yaar im gonna miss my lovely college days and friends now !! i know long time in college but still seems a talk of yesterday ....everyone got senti at the last day hmm...
sad would miss each other :( but never mind we all have a gr8 life ahead and im sure we would be happy seeing these moments years later hai na!!
i know its painful to leave your most beautiful moment sbehind and move ahead in life but each one of us has to ... koi na hoping thing be happier in future for all ...

love all my friends :D


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