Tuesday, 19 May 2009

19 May 09

hey ya hii ..

aha i did tell you that my exams had ended but did i tell you my little niece ( my sis's baby ) is here ... :D

yap the kid in the pic is my sweet " Tia " thats her name nick name :D
anyways it was when she was here that i realized how happy my parents are .. its so essential for grandparents to meet and be with their grandchildren na so much of happiness just to be with their loved one's ...

You know all kids are special in themselves but the truth is that they are always a 10 times more special beings when they are with their grandparents like kehte hai na " asal se sood pyaara hota hai  " kinda that :)

hmm..i am just one of those people happy at knowing that somewhere my parents are doubly happy being with this angel for them her smile says it all ...what glamour a little kid can create no good looking lady can ever create that for them :) thats the speciality of true love ....

Anyways thats sorta my daily update and yap she was the reason for my absence for 5 days :P dont blame it on me :P i would try be a bit more regular since days and nights are more easy to work now more relaxing and except cooking and playing sleeping and eating i am doing nothing ;) still thats a lot of work for a person like me :D
In short i love being at home :)

see you next time..
adios :)

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