Wednesday, 3 June 2009

3 June 09

its 3rd of june today and almost a month has passed since the proper exams at college were over... im not jobless but at home till my company calls my sis n little niece are enjoying but they too would leave soon by 6th .. so these days i have been spending my time with my family and not so much blogging shogging..

anywz these days the days dont seem to end mom doesnt let me work much at hardly cooking and small chores at home and spending good time with parents and rest of th eday trying being innovative making some nice craft stuff :P dont know much much good not proffessional kinda though just being experimentative :)
paintings glitters etc ...lets see how days to come by go ... free time milte hi aur blogging shogging pe lag jaungi :D

adios till then

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