Saturday, 6 June 2009

6 June 09

Home empty and lonely....

my niece left back for her home today morning so khali to lagega na ...hmm..

anyways so now since i have time to add into my blog daily :)

well these days have been so good and so happy that i literally forgot about my blog ..dint feel like coming all over and penning things down..i mean what could i have written that im enjoying with my little cutie :P
playing bat ball and jumping around th ehouse ...whatever i did was just sheer fun and cant put them to words.

One thing that happend is worth telling :P i have completely lost the speed of typing :D tats so bad i need to look out for each and every letter before i can type :P
Hope i can keep up with the speed and match it after a few of my posts :)

Ahh finally the rains this sorching heat and humid season rain was really a delight but thanks to our electricity department we had to stay in blackout for WHOLE 6 HOURS...
i mean thats the limit yaar a sudden inflinct of rain and storm and whole city has gone dark :O
yap whole city andhera and andhera !!!!

useless to say they kept their phones out so that they dont get disturbed after all kitna important kaam karte hain bhai !!
you cant even think of saying them anything else reply comes
" arey madam andhi aayi hai kya kar sakte hain!!!  "

I tell you in such cases you feel like moving out of reciever and hitting the person on other side on head..

anyways my story will go long and long for now i end my daily update and go back to my sweetie mom as i know today she is a bit upset as her little cutie ke bina ghar khali khali hai :)
Grandparents i tell you a kid in every sense :) love them for being the way they are :D

thats India my jaan :) where else can you find such close knitted familes huh!!

adios till then 
takecare......... :)

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