Sunday, 7 June 2009

7 June 09

Well aaj tak sab complains karte hain ki bijli nahi aati...
but we today had to complain about OVER VOLTAGE So much more voltage and so much above 240V that it burnt all the electrical appliances that were switched on then ...

ya true thank God my computer was saved as i wasnt working on it so it was switched off ... credits to our government working systems how efficiently they work ...a day before you had to run with brooms in hand so that they let you have some current and the next day they give you so much that it burns your electrical appliances ...i tell you X( X( ##@@@##&*&*##
Ab babu logon ko kuch bhi bol nahi sakte so we need to OVER ALERT about our own appliances....

Forget it the day was good but yeah i only slept :D nothing more pleasant than sleeping esp when you couldnt sleep all night(you wouldnt want me to repeat that voltage story again)

hmm.. a part of this incident reminded me of how vulnerable we are to the comfort of this world..we lose any of them and we turn phobic...
we never test and try think if we can actually live without them?? so easily each one of us can detach ourselves from our families go out to live in new cities and new environment saying its for our career and we find it so hard to spend a day without lights?
Amazing na !! a few years back it was we humans who created science for our own advantage so that we can control forces of nature and direct them for our ease amd with time we have lost the clue of why we created things... today they control us we have virtually lost control over ourselves.
The things we created some day is giving us the feeling of being the master while we arnt so !!
what shall we do??
should we do something??
i personally feel we should so that we can actually still be our own master but for this we need to go back deep into the old thoeries of detachment...detachments from worldy things...
and this is something very hard to think !! we can hardly think of missing our favourite serials how can we even imagine missing each of (so called) necessary amenities of life ...

But how?? 

you need to think about it and so do i ... partly practically how ... adding to our advantage .. think !!

till then wait and read my next post :)

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