Friday, 12 June 2009

12 June 09

how many of you hate dentists? or atleast going to dentists !!

often we avoid going to dentist and never look forward to it ... but there are some bad days where you have to go to a doc and actually face them :P

ahh my wisdom tooth is coming out right molar as they say ... and its coming out in some bad shape i should say with lotsa pain and swollon gums ..anyways i had to today visit  dentist and God i acted unlike what i was expecting myself to act like .... i dint have so much fear of visiting a dentist probably bz this is my 1st encounter with dentist ... so i was phobiac about it all..
but after today i sure would be :P 

anyways good he dint extract my tooth today itself gave me some time and medications saying if pain is tolerable then may be we dont need to operate it :P though he said it wa just 3 min operation i doubt what i would act like next time :D

chalo i better tolerate my pain ..and wonder why God gives us wisdom tooth any benefits due to it?? i doubt that if you know any let me know...

till then adios :)


A Neophyte said...

You are not the only one with a bad experience.. Many people have(including me) have been affected by this ordeal.. And some have even went as far as writing a poem on it to express themselves.. I remember reading one in my school days..

Shreya said...

whoa!! i never had to write a poem about dentists and its experience :P but i just can say i dint like it hope i dont have to visit him again :D ...
thank you for your comment